SA Languages in International films

Sanibonani, Molweni, Dumelang, Aa, Ahee, Hallo, Good Morning and welcome to another blog post by myself, Sinenhlanhla Khomo. I know it’s been a while but I’m here now, YEY!! We gonna keep it moving, keep it flowing, like the waterrrrrrr!!! Lol Okay late blog post, late joke but no I did not just crawl out of a rock!

Today it’s all about celebrating South African languages that have been or that are spoken in international movies and series. It winter yall , I drink more tea now than I drink my water but I still drink my water just more Rooibos with some lemon! So let’s get started, shall we?

Before I go any further, I think it was last month that South Africa’s Afrikaans was voted second sexiest accent in the world according to a poll from with New Zealand taking first place. Now I don’t know about you but I have never imagined it, not even in my wildest dreams did i think that this day would come. God knows that if I knew Afrikaans,I could be flexing right now with a line or two but this is not what this article is about.

Here’s a movie that almost everyone went crazy about last year. The biggest hype: people planned cinema outfits months before it was released, African and black people in general all around the world were just so proud. Yuup, you guessed it, I’m talking about Black Panther. As you know that Isixhosa which is a part of the country’s 11 official languages was the chosen language of Wakanda and no, I’m not going to say WAKANDA FOREVER: This was a major release for Marvel studios with a running time of 2hrs 20 min and a whopping $1.23 billion within the first 26 days in cinemas.

The film stars the beautiful

Lupita Nyongo

along side Chadwick Boseman

The gorgeous Michael B Jordan

The stunning Dania Gurira

The human example of black don’t crack Angela Basset and yes she’s 61 years old

Sweet Letitia Wright

“Get Out” Daniel Kuluuya

“There’s something about you”Wiston Duke

The crazy , okay he looks crazy: Andy Serkis

and Forest Whitaker.

Here’s another one, Lucifer!

The series Lucifer. Lesley-Ann

is a South African born actress that stars in the series Lucifer as the gorgeous demon Maze. She had a lot of people in stitches, especially the South African audience when she used Afrikaans as her demon language. I didn’t see this one coming. Did you?

In Captain America civil war.

South Africa’s very own Grandfather of Theatre John Kani

introduces Isixhosa to the Marval family speaking to his son in the film whom is the brilliant and charming Chadwick Boseman AKA Mr “Wats are you talking abouts? I Nevah freeze” (try saying it in a Nigerian accent, trust me, it makes more sense).

In The A team

Johannesburg born actor, former university professor Sharlto Copley, you might also know him for the movie Chappie and Elysium, also mumbles something in an Afrikaans accent.

You must look out for the 2019 film The Hustle starring Rebel Wilson where she let’s her South African accent shine having lived a year in this beautiful country of ours. But Sine, you said languages not accents? Yeah, yeah I know and that’s why I’m getting back into it.

To read more you can follow this link

South African References in International Movies and Series

I think it’s really cool , I mean these films understand the concept of people like to see themselves and people like to hear themselves so well that they didn’t just use our languages or what sounded familiar to the South African audience, they also used some of our actors for relatability.


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